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We are in the business of delivering your solutions to Fluid Mechanical Applications

Don Helfers & Associates has provided Fluid Mechanical solutions for industrial spray nozzle applications from A to Z. From absorption to clean in place to clog resistant to cooling to dust control to evaporative cooling to fire protection to FGD to foam control to food processing to lubrication to ME to odor control to washing to petroleum processing to pollution control to venting to spray dry to tank washing to wastewater treatment. We can handle your project no matter how big or small.  Products sold include Industrial spray nozzles and accessory related items, Centrifugal pumps and spray nozzles for the agricultural industry, Diaphragm pumps for lawn care, turf, agricultural and Plunger pumps for truck and car washing facilities. Expansion Joints & Pinch Valves along with other various products. Air Compressors for all applications. Electric Motors for OEMs. Plastic Tanks for agricultural and underground sewage. If you can’t find the part we will make it for you. Just give us a call!